Robert Aardvark




In 1997, a deranged man committed a series of crimes at University Hospital.  He claimed was infected by animals from the facility.  He was only trying to cure himself.




Which is more dangerous, disease or fear?   When a thief breaks into a research lab, he comes away a multi-million-dollar secret.  He is also bitten by an animal.  A young reporter is convinced that the thief is infected with an experimental disease that makes the victims more sexually aggressive and violent.  Blood and sex form a chain of infection, but has the reporter unleashed a virus of paranoia via her stories?  Viral Fear plays out the drama of risk and benefit, public and personal good, life and death.  In science there is always a right answer, at what price?


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About the author: Robert Aardvark is a former biological and psychological research scientist for the U.S. military. He now a civilian living in Southern California. His next book is a science fiction thriller titled Naked Whales.   You can e-mail him at


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